I work in Tech, based in Toronto but travel frequently to Vancouver, New York and California. I need blazers that are formal, differentiated, and durable. Nino is the best tailor I have ever come across (And I've bought from many over the years). The products he produces are outstanding. I have six blazers from Nino, and counting!

/chris adamkowski - Head of industry - google  /

“Instructing Nino on how to tailor my suit is like instructing Da Vinci on how to paint my portrait. Even after years of knowing him, I never told him what I wanted. He simply knew and always delivered. The suits made by Nino for me literally stopped people in their tracks, and turned heads. There wouldn’t be day where I would not get a compliment or generate a “buzz”, even at the most exclusive events.”

“This is why a tailor is family. If you do not understand what I mean, then you do not have a tailor.”

/  nitharssan “Nicholas” rajendra - ceo - event linen services inc.  /

 I work in a law firm downtown Toronto, I went to Nino in the beginning of 2017 for a suit jacket. Nino is the best Master Tailor I have ever met, he puts in a lot of dedication into his work. Since wearing my jacket I have had nothing but compliments from friends, family, also random people. This will definitely not be my last jacket from Moda by Nino. I would recommend everyone to go speak with Nino regarding any master tailoring, he is the best in the business!!

/  Stefano - lawyer  /