The True Definition of Bespoke.

The true meaning of bespoke is best described by the foreword written by Tom Ford in the James Sherwood Book “Bespoke - The Men’s Style of Savile Row”.

Savile Row is renowned for fine custom tailoring— “bespoke” in its own parlance. The term originate when cloth for a suit was said to “be spoken for by customers, who included generations of stylish and tasteful men, from rakes to royals.”

When a cloth has been spoken for by a client, then it means the tailor cannot use the cloth for another client. Plain and simple.

Therefore, when one calls him or herself a bespoke tailor, it is synonymous to saying the tailor is already been spoken for by a client.

Only appropriate when a tailor is exclusively working with one client, not appropriate when a tailor is working with more.

Nicholas Ra