How To Look And Feel Like James Bond

The name is Bond… James Bond.

The amazing thing about James Bond is his universal appeal across generations. Your grandfather knows him, your father knows him, and you know him.

Men have been inspired by his manner, sophistication, and style from the very first movie, with Sean Connery, in Dr. No, to the most recent incarnation, of Daniel Craig, in Casino Royale. His mystique and fearless character appeals to all.

But what is that “je ne sais quois?”

There are two things about the secret agent we know for sure:

  1. He has style.

  2. He would never wear a suit off the rack.

The bespoke suit is a huge part of his image, just like his Aston Martin, his Walther PPK, and his legendary style.

So what is the source of his power and charm?

You are free to come up with your answer, mine, however, is his personal tailor.

The original tailor to Sean Connery, was in fact, Anthony Sinclair, at 43 Conduit Street, just off Savile Row. That famous British hub of bespoke tailoring, in Central London, that has for centuries, dressed the likes of Royalty, Celebrities, Rock Stars, Heads of State and those who know that a bespoke tailored suit is a matter of personal style, refinement and getting the very best out of life.

To be your best you need to feel your best. Wearing the right clothes makes this happen each time… every time.

When a gentleman wears a suit, he has that moment when he looks himself in the mirror and poses, his most serious posture. The opening them music of James Bond pays in his head… he might even be humming the tune. “Toodoot too doo toodootoot..”

There is one problem however, for the vast majority of men. They think they look good in their suit but their style can often be compromised by small but significant oversights. This can sometimes happen when you buy a suit from a store, no matter how much you paid for it and how top shelf the designer may be.

The most important element of style when it comes to your clothing is not what brand you wear or what size complements your physique, it’s fit.

Most men wear things that are either a tad too big or a snitch too small. Clothes that fit well solves 90% of your style dilemma. Your clothes should fit you well.

That’s the secret to looking and feeling like James Bond.

When you wear a suit that is made for you, it not only fits you well, it also enhances your mindset. Your most valuable asset is your mindset!

With the right mindset, you feel more confident, you feel more successful, you look more commanding, and you act the part. You become Bond, James Bond.

The bespoke experience is something that all men should consider at least once in their lifetime. Having your suit made personally for you with the right tailor who guides and creates a master piece that is uniquely fitted to your body and posture is pure ecstasy.

If you are lucky enough to have a Master Tailor measure you, cut the cloth you chose, design your personal pattern, fit you and sew and finish your masterpiece, you my friend, are part of a rare club. It’s a relationship of trust based on traditional craftsmanship, modern finishing touches and personal guidance. Most importantly, the result is an expression of your style and high standards.

Don’t overthink this. Invest in yourself.

Meet your Master Tailor and be like Bond.

By Ahsan Khan

Nicholas Ra