Serafino “Nino” Cioppa



“Nino is the best tailor I have ever come across.”

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Street-Wise Background:

Serafino Cioppa or “Nino” as he’s affectionately called by his clients and friends, is a master tailor. He is one of the foremost experts in Napoli Tailoring and revered for his craft in his community. He is not afraid to let anyone know he’s the best, and he’ll challenge anyone to take him up on who’s the better tailor.

Same Fabric. Same Tools. Different Tailor. Let’s see if we find a match?

The passion for tailoring started when he was eight years old, commencing his apprenticeship with a unique Napoli tailor fraternity, studying for two years before immigrating to Toronto.

Nino was a busy young lad combining his formal and “street-wise” education along with his apprenticeship, learning his trade under the hands and watchful eye of the Big Maestro, Salvatore Oppedisano. Under completion of his apprenticeship, he was offered and accepted a partnership in the Big Maestro's atelier, ItalModa.

The growing experience heightened his desire to open his own factory which he did in 1973, producing trousers under the name, 'Smart Pants.' This success started his voyage towards the eventual opening of his own atelier at 473 Church Street. In 1982 sensing an Italian victory in the World Cup, he undertook the production of thousands of Italian flags to the delight of the Italian community who cheered their team to its ultimate success.

The atelier gained an exclusive clientele for whom he designed fashionable garments for women and men, delivering through these garments the Italian sense of style, based on fine craftsmanship.

Tribute to my favourite football team NAPOLI 'S.S.C.

Tribute to my favourite football team NAPOLI 'S.S.C.

“Nino is the best Master Tailor I have ever met, he puts in a lot of dedication into his work. Since wearing my jacket I have had nothing but compliments from friends, family, also random people.”

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“Instructing Nino on how to tailor my suit is like instructing Da Vinci on how to paint my portrait.”

/ Nicholas rajendra - ceo - event linen services inc./